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Display Worthy – Making Your Watch Display the Coolest One Possible

Most guys, if not all, have that dream man cave in mind. That place to disconnect from everything, hang with the guys, watch the game, etc. Well, as most of us know, that is still, and most likely will always be just an unattainable dream.

But it got us thinking, what about how we display our watches? What if we can do the pieces justice because it the next best thing, if not better than an entire man cave. I mean, surely a shelf for display would be granted rather than an entire room. We hope anyway.

So, what can we us to highlight a piece(s)? Let’s briefly look at some options…

Vintage Store Displays & Signs

How cool would it be to store your watches in the same display it could’ve once sat in at the store x number of years ago. Unless you’re the type to have the pieces that never even make it onto display *cough* Sports Model Rolex *cough*… Jokes aside, storing them with/in front of vintage display is almost a way to always feel like you’re going back to the store to buy it new. The feeling of being a kid in a candy store when picking your watch for the day.

In terms of availability, vintage signs are all over in the market, and depending on what you’re looking for in terms of brand, size, age, the prices vary dramatically, but again, just tell your significant other it’s cheaper than doing a whole room…maybe. There are drawer displays, the standing signs, single model signs that used to just go in front of particular pieces, etc. There’s an option for everything.

Desk Pieces & Clocks

If you weren’t granted the shelf, there’s always the desk. Whether at home or at work, there are always subtle ways to hint at the watch obsession for others to see, but more for personal enjoyment. You can do this with vintage clocks, from Jaeger LeCoultre, Cartier, etc. Other options can be old store paperweights that bear the names of your favourite brand.

Here are a few options to give you some ideas just in case that shelf idea didn't fly.

Vintage Ads & Books

Last recommendation from us are using vintage ads and books to spruce up the display. If you can get an ad that is for your specific watch, then that's even cooler. Bringing the ad to life, and making that childhood dream a reality. For me the only comparison would be staring at an ad for shoes only hoping that one day I would be able to get that pair to play just like the pros. Well, that never happened, so watch ads are like the next best thing.

In terms of books, watch related literature is everywhere. The classic A Man And His Watch, Rolex Reference books, books on cars and watches, numerous magazines, the list is never-ending and there is always a book out there to fit every need.

So, we hope this gave you a few little ideas! If you're looking for smaller displays, check out our eBay store!

Have a good one everyone and don't forget to leave a like and share!


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