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Friday Favourites

This week, instead of the Friday feature, we’re going to focus on highlighting two separate pieces currently available in the shop, at drastically different price points. Almost like that food show ‘Worth It’, just with watches. So, let’s dive in.

First, we’re going to look at the Omega Ref. 2384 made for the US Military.

From approximately 1945, this Omega military piece is the type of thing collectors spend years looking for. While we know that the hands have been relumed at some point, and the minute hand was slightly bent, the overall patina and priceless history make this one a keeper. Form the cream-coloured dial, to the super crisp ‘U.S. Army’ on the caseback, it’s hard to not want this piece.

It’s for those simple reasons why it is a favourite of ours. Now, let’s jump onto the other end of the spectrum: The Rolex Submariner Ref. 6538 – James Bond.

While Bond fans have been anxiously waiting forever for the new movie out finally release after delays, one thing everyone can appreciate, is the classics. It’s just hard to get anything more classic than this.

From 1956, this Rolex Sub has everything you’d want from a vintage bond-era piece. The patina, the character, and this one features a unique spider web dial. It even has an amazing, but brief story. “The watch used to belong to a Canadian Military agent who passed away over 25 years ago and the watch was purchased from a friend of the family who inherited it then and hid it away in a box until the day of purchase.”

So, two different watches. Two different eras. Two different price points. Both super sharp examples of rare offerings from two of the most historically important watch brands.

View them below!


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