Midweek Writeup – The Caseback

We all know how when a watch gets released, the first thing they tease and like to show off is the front. We would be filled with questions about the dial colour, the numerals, the finishing, etc. I mean, those questions are warranted seeing as that is what we would be looking at the most. For me though, what I look forward to, is the case back. Now, I can’t give a straight answer as to why, but there’s just something about the detail and thought that is put into the back of the watch, the part not always appreciated and not often seen.

Now before I get into which is my favourite and why, let’s look at a few different types that were used over the years.

1. The Enamel Inlay

For me this is a tough one. Not because I don’t like them, but because I don’t understand why they aren’t talked about more, not appreciated enough. In my opinion it’s like art. If one of these companies was to do a full enamel dial, people would lose their minds. When you learn how complicated the process is, you begin to appreciate the amount of time it took to get each watch just perfect, only to not be seen all the time. Pictured is by far one of my favourite enamel inlay designs from Longines. If you were to buy a vintage piece with this inlay, it just makes it that much more special. But fyi, if it’s damaged or gone, the cost to restore will be a pretty penny if you send it back to them.