Friday Feature: Eterna-Matic Birks Kontiki Edition

Whether a fan of rare watches or a fan of jewelry, there are two names that will pop up during your time of researching, and possibly owning pieces from during your time collecting. One of those is Eterna, the other, Birks. One a shop with humble beginnings dating back to 1858 in Grenchen, Switzerland. The other, a small jewelry shop founded in Montreal, Quebec. So, let’s dive into this special, rare, and somewhat unknown piece.

First, let’s look at Birks. The company began in 1879, founded as ‘Birks’, by then sole proprietor Henry Birks in the heart of the Montreal financial district. 14 years later, with his three sons, they became ‘Henry Birks and Sons’, and as popularity grew, so did the company. Partnerships with other jewelers also happened, spreading the Birks name everywhere across the country. O