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My First Vintage: Gianluca's Tudor

Over the past few months, you’ve noticed some changes happening at not only TimeMerchants, but also the addition of LuxeMerchants and the exciting things happening at both. You’ve had an introduction to Nathan, who has come to be a part of the team, but at the same time, someone who cannot be overlooked is Gianluca De Capua.

Gianluca, or Luca, has interests beyond watches, mainly in high end audio and music in general. He has been an audiophile since is younger years, plays guitar and loves to stay active. Photography is also something he is passionate about, even diving deeper by taking photography classes in college.

So, let’s take a look at the watch that has made him a proud vintage watch owner and lover –

The Specs:

Tudor Prince Oysterdate

Ref: 7106/03

Case Size: 34mm

As we all know, Tudor has always been overshadowed by its ‘big brother’. Something hard to ignore when pieces like this one share cases and even the signed crown from the Rolex brand, but it’s impossible to argue that Tudor does not give you much more value for money. Since 1969, the shield logo Tudors have provided people with a few things, a refined everyday look with prestige and heritage, also while not breaking the bank.

Enough about that now, we asked Luca why this Tudor just had to go home with him as his first Vintage piece.

Q: Where/when did your watch journey begin?

A: It was when I was 12 years old, I had a black Casio that I went to go purchase with my mom and that is what kind of got me started. After that, I started to like steel watches and when I turned 15, I used my first pay check to buy a two-tone, blue dial chronograph from Fiori on St. Catherine Street. At the time, I had no idea about watches, and was just attracted to it. I remember, it was $150, and back then, it was a lot of money, but I felt like a king.

Q: Are watches an interest that was passed down, or something you developed on your own?

A: I think it was my uncle, because he influenced me on different things like music, and whenever he came to visit, he always had a cool watch on. When I had my confirmation, he actually gifted me a Movado that I still have to this day.

Q: Before Vintage, what was/were the types of watches you were into?

A: It's funny, I liked big watches, the divers, big cases. It was as I learned more, that I began to like the more simple watches that were subtle.

Q: Other than this Tudor, what do you currently have in your collection?

A: Other than the Tudor, I have a SKX013, a couple Casio reissues, the Movado I previously mentioned, and an Omega from my father. He still wears it, but we kind of share.

Q: So, what made you look and think to yourself, “I need this watch”?

A: To be honest, I don't know, it's just so unique. It has a look, that is unique and not very common. Even the markers, the way they ages and matches the yellow strap, the dial is also just amazing. Just something about it.

Q: When you started collaborating TimeMerchants, how long was it before you realized you were going to buy a vintage piece?

A: Could've been anytime, was just waiting for the one watch to grab my attention.

Q: In terms of vintage, do you prefer dress watches or sport watches?

A: Something versatile and in between, everyday, casual, just like this Tudor. Not too dressy, not too sporty. A suit, or casual, it works.

Q: Which watch will you be trying to get next?

A: Definitely a Rolex OP, ref 1018, white dial, just a beautiful classic.

Q: What’s your dream vintage piece?

A: Rolex Day Date with an onyx dial.

Thanks everyone for reading, and if you like this “My First Vintage” Series, send us a message and we can interview you!

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